Orky is a whale, who’s doing his best to adjust to the strange customs and interactions of human society.  After being framed for murder (He is a killer whale afterall), he had to bail out of the ocean and hide out on dry land (San Diego, CA) along with his cohort/drinking buddy Pierre.  When out in public, no one ever questions the idea that he’s an orca whale due to the fact that Orky wears a disguise in the form of a trench coat and hat (Everyone just assumes he’s a big fat guy with an eating disorder).

The Main 2 Characters (cause everyone else is so sporadic):


Orky:  The star of the show (and by show I mean webcomic).  He’s a talking whale who smokes, drinks, and loves to watch/review movies from time to time.  Generally, he’s trying to find out what to do with the rest of his life and explore his passions along the way.  Turn ons include: larger women, vanilla ice cream, and carp.




Pierre:  Orky’s roomate/drinking buddy/drama queen.  He’s a French frog who speaks his mind with a thick accent that sounds like a cross between an 80 year old smoker and an 85 year old smoker with a trachea tube.  At times, he can be helpful and/or educational, but more often than not he’s full of it.  However, his spirit keeps Orky attentive and alert… and by spirit I mean Vodka.


About the Creator/Artist/Writer Brett DeWall:


Hi!  I’m Brett DeWall.  I’m an illustrator/graphic designer/animator/whateverpeoplepaymetodo kinda guy who spends far too much free time on projects.  Despite my choice of photo, I’m not really a ninja (Sorry).

I NEED to create.  I get antsy if I don’t.


I’ve always bounced around a bit doing a variety of things (movies, cartoons, writing, drywalling on construction sites, etc.).  I went to Art Center College of Design and graduated with a degree in Illustration, which eventually led to a job doing graphic design for a large sports company.  Actually, the concept of Orky was born there (Art Centernot the sports company).  I had to do a pitch for a class where only the top 5 ideas were chosen to be fleshed out… and mine got picked.  After that, I attempted to pitch the concept to Hollywood but that ultimately left me tired and frustrated to no end.  It took awhile to revisit the idea after that, but… now… here we are :)

When not doing something productive, I’m a huge movie dork and music junky (Love me some concerts).  I also play write/play guitar/sing backup vocals for the band “Sinflood.” (Check us out on Spotify/I-Tunes),  and occasionally find a sliver of time to hang out with people.

Currently, I live in the San Diego area.  It’s nice outside.

*Note*  This is not San Diego.